Most Frequently Asked Questions

What if my claims settlement does not cover my damages?

It’s common for property damage claims to be underpaid by insurance companies. When you have severe property damage, the repairs can be extensive and expensive. If your insurance company is offering a low settlement, you still have options. We can work directly with insurance providers to get the payout that you need to fully repair your property. Call us today.

What do I do if my claim is denied?

If you’ve already submitted a claim to your insurance provider and it’s been denied, you still have options. Make sure to reach out to your insurance company for more information about why the claim was denied, and call Claims Pro Public Adjusters today! We will work with your insurance company directly to fight for the payout that you deserve!

What are the duties of a public adjuster?

Public adjusters are hired by clients to handle the investigation of a claim and work in the best interest of a company or individual instead of the insurance company. A public adjuster prepares insurance claims and presents cases to the insurance company.

Can a public adjuster be a contractor?

No. A Public Adjuster cannot function as a contractor on any claim he manages and vice versa. Many states have severe penalties for individuals acting as a public adjuster while also acting as a contractor. Beware the cotnractor who offers to “negotiate” your claim.

What should I look for when hiring a public adjuster?

Licensing – make sure the public you hire is properly licensed. We obtain licenses in the following states:

Experience – most public adjustors come from a wide range of backgrounds and their experience levels can vary. Our team has years of experience and is well suited to represent you well for your claim.

Professionalism – Don’t make the mistake of signing a blank contract. Sounds obvious, but we see it often. We will fully explain the fee structure up front so you understand why and what you are paying for.

Are you affiliated with insurance companies?

No we are not. Our services are only available to the insured public, not the insurance company.

How much does a public adjuster cost?

We charge a percentage of your settlement for our services to you – and we don’t get paid until you do. Every claim is different and the percentages range. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation or fill out our contact form so we can provide you with a set percentage.

Can I prepare my own claim?

Yes, you can. Just be prepared to thoroughly document all the aspects of your loss, fully understand your insurance policy and follow through with the agent and insurance company.

However, if your claim is greater than $10,000 you should consider hiring a public adjuster to ensure you get the amount you deserve on the settlement.

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